The 60's

In 1962  he creates “Bruno De Filippi e il suo complesso”. They play as regulars in several clubs and theatres in Italy and abroad.

At the Sanremo Festival in 1968, Bruno plays banjo for the famous Louis Armstrong. In a reharsals break,  the two guys - sitting alone next to each other - improvise “Do you know what it means”. Thanks to this happening, a special musical feeling builds between them. Later, Bruno will often tell this story very proudly during interviews and concerts.

From the mid ’60s he plays guitar in some famous Italian singers’ recordings and concerts: Mina, Adriano Celentano, Johnny Dorelli, Ornella Vanoni, Enzo Jannacci, Caterina Valente.

BDF the 60s

De Filippi Donation

Most of Bruno's music collection (records, music sheets, books and methods) has been donated by his family to the historical Biblioteca Sormani in Milan.

His LPs have been classified in detail; you can see and book them here.

His CDs have been classified too in the same way; you can see and book them here.

Note: you can listen to the listed records only in the library (online listening is not allowed due to copyright).

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