The 80's

Bruno first issues albums in his own name in the mid ’80s. Some of those were recorded in New York (see “discography”).

This is the start of an intensely production period. In the '80s, he starts to play live in the most famous jazz clubs in the world, performing with both guitar and harmonica.

He performs in New York at the Blue Note, the Town Hall Theatre and at Birdland. In Chicago, he plays at the Green Mill. In Key West, he stars at the Pier House.

In Italy he performs at the Opera Theatre in Rome and at Milan’s Conservatorio della Musica. He also plays in jazz clubs in Germany as well as at the Philarmonic Hall in St. Petersburg, Russia and at  Hong Kong's Convention Hall.

Bruno also played at many jazz festivals, including “Jazz at the Tropics” in Miami, USA, the “Django Reinhardt Festival” in Fontainbleu, France and the “Jakarta Jazz Festival”, Indonesia.

The tune “Soft Drink”, composed in 1985, is a swing he frequently uses to open his concerts. In a very short time this tune is so identified with him by his musician friends that it becomes a sort of Bruno’s brand. Nowadays his colleagues frequently play "Soft Drink" in his honor.

BDF the 80s


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