Bruno de Filippi his life in music

On May 17, 2011 the album " Bruno De Filippi: his life in music " has been published, to appreciate and summarize Bruno's entire life made of music. It's a collection of Bruno's performances, some of which very well known, others less popular and some even unpublished. It is produced by Franca De Filippi and distributed by Carosello Records. See "Discography" for more details.

De Filippi Donation

Most of Bruno's music collection (records, music sheets, books and methods) has been donated by his family to the historical Biblioteca Sormani in Milan.

His LPs have been classified in detail; you can see and book them here.

His CDs have been classified too in the same way; you can see and book them here.

Note: you can listen to the listed records only in the library (online listening is not allowed due to copyright).

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